I am so beyond proud of myself and how far I have come. I feel much more comfortable on  the Ukulele playing my two songs: “This Old Man” and “Row Row Row your Boat”.  I feel like the transitions between my cords are much smoother now allowing the song to better flow.

At first I had absolutely no idea where to start and was unsure of how I would ever be able to get through the songs without stopping and asking a question or looking up how to play the cords a million times. I now am able to confidently pick up my ukulele and play my songs at a relatively fast speed, and continue to keep the flow and correct cords allowing you to understand what song I am trying to play.

For the final I want to keep working on my transitions so that there is no need for me to pause when switching, thinking about where my fingers need to go.

I am also going to begin learning my final song: “sweet home Alabama”. I am a little nervous as this song requires 3 more cords that I had not used in my pervious 2 songs. I am feeling okay though as I have friends who are able to support me in this learning curve who are comfortable on the ukulele and have been so kind to help me practice and show me tips on how to improve my strumming, flow, and changing of cords.

Overall this has been a really big learning curve for me and something I was very reluctant to begin trying to learn. I am really happy with the progress I have made thus far, and am excited to continue to watch myself grow, learn, and improve my music literacy and competency of this instrument.  I am happy that I pushed myself and chose an instrument that was quite daunting and looked quite intimidating, because I now understand that with practice it is nothing but a simple instrument that can make create some beautiful pieces of music.

I am planning on continuing my learning of this instrument beyond this class, in hopes that I will one day be able to implement music and the learning of an instrument in my classroom one day.

I want to be able to greet my students into the classroom playing a soft inviting instrument with a fun and catchy welcoming song on the ukulele 🙂