This is my attempt at “This Old Man”. At first this song was quite difficult for me because it changes the cords a few times during the song which slows down my flow quite a bit. Looking back at the video I still need to work on my strumming and holding the cords tighter in order to get a better more defined sound when I strum. I think in this one especially my confidence was on and off, there were parts I felt I did really well and parts I felt I was a bit unsure of therefor, that is something I would like to continue to practice and learn going into the final. One thing I feel I did accomplish is the timing of the notes. Because of the music literacy  videos I was able to see and identify which notes to hold for longer and which were connected making them fast and upbeat.


This is my attempt at “Row Row Row your Boat”.  This is the first song I learned and feel like I understand the most. This song is quite easy because it only asks for one cord change right at the end. I still have a bit of trouble switching from C to G7, so for the final I want to continue to work on that and making the change quicker so it doesn’t feel as though there is a break in the song.

Overall I am happy with my progress, but have a few things I would personally like to work on to further my understanding and confidence when playing the Ukulele.