Today in class we had a presentation and discussion from Jessie about social media and our image as educators. This was an eye opening class as I am from the generation who heavily uses social media for anything and everything. I know personally I am cognizant of what I post on social media mainly to maintain the positive image I present myself as, but also because there are things that I don’t necessarily want my future students or employers to find and that skew their image of who I am as a person. I have done lots of jobs with children before who want to follow me on instagram or add me on Tiktok, therefor all my social media is private and I get to decide who sees and who does not see it. I think it is important, and also reasonable to be careful of what you put on social media as an educator. You want to be viewed in a professional role and someone who can be a good role model to people’s children.  Videos of you heavily drinking, or doing things you should not be doing are not a good way of connecting with parents and showing them that their children are in good care. Social media is a powerful tool and it can be used for many great things. It can be incorporated into the classroom and is a great tool to teach and connect with students. That being said I think the biggest take away from today was that you just need to be mindful and careful what you are posting on the internet, and if it is something you wouldn’t be comfortable showing potential bosses, maybe think twice before you post it.