Since I usually go to the gym every week, I decided I want to also implement a new activity into my weekly schedule which I have never tried before. This Wednesday I went disk golfing for the first time and I absolutely loved it! it is super fun to play and its such a nice way to get outdoors. I found it was a great way of splitting my week up and having a relaxing time to just go and play and have fun without worrying about homework. Anna and I went and she showed me the course in Langford and we had great time and many laughs as I figured out how the game is played. I am definitely no star player right now, but with practice here’s hoping I will get better!

As far as the gym goes this week, I am super excited to finally be feeling. back up to the weight and strength I was before Christmas. I have been trying to work on more hypertrophy this week as I try and fuel up and save some energy for when I try for some personal records in the coming weeks.  I am focusing and prioritizing sleep and eating healthy, and holy man does that ever make a difference!