I am currently feeling quite stressed and anxious as the final creeps up on me quickly. I have spent the last week in my bed due to a concussion I gave myself by hitting my head quite hard last week. I am nervous for the final because do to this concussion I have not had the chance to practice my ukulele and being learning my final song “Sweet Home Alabama”. I am hoping to be feeling much better this week so that I am able to start learning it so that I give myself enough time to practice and perfect the 3 new cords that I need to learn that are required for this song.

I have been way more comfortable with my first two songs and have been showing everyone who lives in my residence building my talents! I even brought my ukulele to my work meeting the other day and showed them my skills. They are a bit rusty but not too too bad! It is actually super fun to walk around and play my ukulele, showing everyone what I am learning in class!

I also have a lot of friends I live with who also play the ukulele and other instruments and who like to all play together. I have already learned so much from them showing me in person how to strum, or play a cord, or even how to play a few songs! It makes such a difference practicing with other people, I find it so much easier to work through a song with someone there to show me and model the cords rather than me trying to just read the music and work on it myself.

I am hoping that depending on how my head is feeling that I will be able to start beginning to play “Sweet Home Alabama” this week as I already have looked at the music and figured out which cords I will need to play in order to complete the song : )