This week because the weather has improved greatly, I have been able to spend way more time outside! One of my friends and I have made it our mission to try and discover or visit a new beach every week and add it to a running list we created 🙂 It has been super fun and a wonderful way of getting out and exploring Victoria and getting some Fresh air. I love having an escape and being able to leave and go somewhere for a bit to get a break from all the chaos and business on campus!

I have also been able to spend more time outside going for walks, playing frisbee golf, and playing spike ball! I am super excited about the change in the weather because I have been dying to just get outside and play!

I forgot how much fun something as simple as throwing a frisbee can be, it is such a good mental break in-between classes and such its super fun 🙂

I am excited for the week ahead and am hoping Mother Nature decides to keep up this amazing weather!

I have attached some of the beautiful photos I took the other week at Holydene Beach in Victoria