This reading week I was able to get out and do some more de-stressing activities which were much overdue!

I have recently began frisbee golfing and I am really enjoying it! I went and played in Langford one time before but this time Anna (also in this class) and I went to the Interburan Camosun Campus and played there! Since it snowed last week it was quite muddy but it was super duper fun still! I really am enjoying it because it is a fun way to get outside and its something a little more entertaining than a walk or a hike. I am not much of a walk person because I find myself bored, I have wayyyy too much energy and need some form of game or something to play to keep me entertained! I am really excited that I got into this because at home my Uncle plays in Rossland all the time! I am looking forward to going and playing with him in the summer. But first… I need a lot more practice 🙂



Photo by Braxton Apana on Unsplash

Photo by  Josh Calabrese on Unsplash