For this weeks post I wanted to talk about the inspiration behind the gym and how I became to be so motivated to keep lifting every day for 3 years.

When I began lifting 3 years ago I started because I had quit swimming and dancing just was not something I was interested in anymore. I am a super energetic person who needs to constantly be moving, playing, even running around so sitting on the couch was driving me nuts! At the time my brother who I looked up to so much was weight lifting and suggested I try going to the gym to stay fit and active. So I did!

I was the type of kid that loved something and wanted it to be my new hobby but it would only stick for a few months or so before I quit, was bored of that and wanted to find something new.

I decided I was going to make the gym “my thing”. My brother often hounded me saying he was going to give it a few months and then I would quit and stop going ….. 3 years later I have gone almost everyday and it has turned into my whole world.

When you become friends with me you quickly realize that going to the gym is my only personality trait and the only thing I talk about 24/7. It makes me so beyond happy and it has become honestly addicting to go into the gym and smash a PR that you have been working so hard to get to.

I went from being a really lanky tall swimming built, to being able to say proudly that I can throw around some weight in the gym. It is amazing to me how much your body can change in 3 years and it brings me so much confidence and joy looking back at old photos of me where I was so tiny! I love the gym because it is a way for me to destress on my own and focus on myself for a little while. It allows me to put aside all the craziness of school and allows me to blow off some stream and do something for myself for a few hours out of the day. I Look forward to it because it allows me to better myself everyday and have a focus and something to work towards constantly. I am a super competitive person so having a chance to compete against myself everyday is right up my alley!

I also have had the chance to make so many amazing friends because of the gym. I have tons of guy friends that I go with and that help keep me motivated and moving forward. We feed off of each-other’s energy and it is honestly contagious. We all push each other to work harder, to hit PR’s and to walk out of the gym everyday knowing that we put 100% effort in.


The photos included show the difference between when I first started weight training 3 years ago versus today 🙂