This week I have been feeling the assignment stress as there are a lot of things going on at the moment. I have slowly been trying to collect and organize all my assignments and due dates so that I have everything in order when the dates start creeping up on me. Of course to conquer this stress I hit the gym everyday this week! This week was a really good one for me, I had lots of energy and my lifts were consistent. I have started a powerlifting program that focuses on progressive overload so I have been going with that for a while now and I have seen some major progress already! I am super proud of myself because I am beginning to be able to rep weight I never thought I could.  I am definitely most excited about my bench progress this week. I was able to bench my usual heavy day weight by myself without a spotter!! May not seem like a very big deal but as you can tell I was pretty darn excited about it at the time 🙂